Punky Faster Pussycat News!

The FP Velvet Elvis Rock Circus will be soon be rolling into town…..that’s when Men’s Wear Fashion Week and our male brand Velvet Elvis goes Vegas!…..So while we wait…we cater for you girls, so you can be dressed to kill on the day!
The Faster Pussycat Mainstore is full of new shoes and corsets – spiky, chunky leathery things  – what better news on a Saturday afternoon eh?
PoosyKat’s designed some killer studded mesh corsets with matching ankle boots that perfect for all you rock chicks out there. Now you can stomp to your fave beats in style! And most possibly gain a backstreet pass also… Of course there’s a Union Jack theme. And to make a lot of people happy we have revamped our old Queen of Punk dress “Buckingham”  – now totally 2013 with new skirt, mesh studded leather corset and matching pinup lingerie and boots! In mainstore now!

Buckingham Revamped


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