FP Velvet Elvis Rock Circus is in town!

Poster 7

FP’s men’s label Velvet Elvis is currently appearing at the Mens Wear Fashion Week 2013: The Rock Circus Collection – a bold and glitzy collection for the man who likes to embrace his inner rockstar and is comfortable with standing out in a crowd. is currently featured at the Mens Wear Fashion Week 2013 and if you’d like to take a closer look we have a runwayshow tomorrow at 4 pm SLT followed by the Viva Las Vegas show – lots of new releases from top SL menswear brands. You can read all about the fair – including a great interview with head designer Honey Bender-Auer in the new issue of AVENUE Magazine special here.

Rock n roll Circus 2 copy

Rock n roll Circus 4

Oh and not to forget Рwe threw in 2 FREE gifts for the girlfriends as well: Рthe Ziggy inspired asymetric jumpsuit Рget it in either shimmering silver sequins or red knit Рor hell, get them in both!

Ziggy Gift PosterZiggy Gift Poster 2


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