Faster Pussycat Sexy Summer

June posters1a5New from Faster Pussycat: Fetishy “Redemption” harness with matching latex catsuits – “AMBITION” tight latex, lace girdles with matching pushup bras that perfectly matches our fitted “Redemption” shoulder collars with chains – all mesh of course.

June posters trio

Yes it is summer – but what a perfect time to retreat into your cool dark dungeon – or steamy club….
Faster Pussycat’s “Redemption” harness comes in 3 hot colours: red, black and white with matching super thin latex catsuits that are transparent and sensual like a second skin. Wear the harness on it’s own for an extra daring look or with the latex catsuits – and matching thigh high boots.

June posters duo

AMBITION tight fit girdle comes in 2 variations: leopard and lace both matching top….Combine them with the “Redemption shoulder collar and you have an outfit that’s guaranteed to turn heads… The collar comes in 3 colours: black, white and silver and fits snugly around your upper body.

All in the Faster Pussycat Mainstore now!
Go on – be daring and get yourself strapped up for summer!


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