Faster Pussycat’s “RENEGADE”

Renegades 2

FP Jazz leather jacket is the perfect combination of feminine and tough rock chick style – wear it with your fave jeans or the FP NEPTUNE mini skirt in black leather with sequins – and our over the knee latex boots “MORTHAL”.

FP WORK IT dress comes with spiky pasties for the very daring look, perfect for clubbing – but combine the dress with “DALI” – a stretchy lycra catsuit in a bright colour or black – and you have a more covered up look – sexy yet versatile for when you want to be more demure. The catsuits all come with mesh poloneck – and are perfect underneath your mesh clothing – wear them in full or just the tights or poloneck shirt – comes in lime, red, blue and black, plus dogtooth patterns – some are located on the ground floor – the rest are upstairs.

Faster Pussycat add

Faster Pussycat’s “Renegade” collection crosses punk with classic fetish play wear – materials are shiny leather and latex and the colour is basically black and dark neutrals, with heavy stitching, spikes and chains and a bit of lace here and there for the femme look. The SPIKE Bikinis are really the best choice for dressing down while staying safe – we dare anyone to come too close when your spikes are out – a great way to show off your toned sexy body – wear it alone or with a FP DALI Catsuit beneath. All in the  Gothic and punk Department of Faster Pussycat Mainstore now.

Renegades 6As always the mainstore is full of new releases – edgy footwear and accessories, so come over and take time to browse around – Happy Sunday Shopping!


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