Velvet Elvis Spring Collections

Poster 2

Faster Pussycat’s male brand Velvet Elvis is represented at Mens Wear Fashion Week. Our new releases can be divided into 4 categories: casual – formal  – monochrome and couture. The Formals are the elegant DEAN Tuxedos that comes in 4 different colours, pink, blue, gold and black. The Couture line (below) has a series of 5 different pants with matching shirts in rich materials – for the male peacock who likes to be seen.

Velvet Elvis Spring summer 3

The VE GAHAN ICON tops come in 5 diffrent colours, the boots are resize – and is here worn with the VE IVAN mesh pants (the pants you can find in our mainstore).

Poster 1

There’s also a series of casual cargo shorts, casual shirts and funky jackets and chunky boots.  Materials are cotton, linen, silk and denim – perfect for lazy days, going to rock festivals or just hanging out at your fave spots.

Velvet Elvis spring summer  The casuals

The monochromes are a series of casual mix and match clothes for cooler days when you still want to cover up a little. Materials are leather, wool, suede and velvet, and separates makes for multiple styling options. Come check out our store at MWFW!

Velvet Elvis spring summer 2





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