Here comes Tuesday!

Tuesday poster 1

Tuesday used to be my least favourite day of the week, but I thought if i spiced it up with some everyday glamour the day would look a lot brighter. So – the FP TUESDAY Casual outfit was born – a nice soft cotton sweatshirt type top and matching maxi skirt with drawstring. The top and pockets are embroidered with sequins and a sequin appliqué on the top – it adds small touches of everyday glamour and makes sure Tuesdays from now on will be great! FP TUESDAY Casual is perfect for going shopping, going to work or just hanging out – the outfit comes in two classic spring colours: bright red and navy. All available at the Faster Pussycat Mainstore.

Casual 3

Faster Pussycat is also proud to announce a release of a pinup collection mesh shoes, all fit for the SLink high feet: The RockaTammy – The RockaBettie and the RockaVera are all pretty hot stuff. And they match our VERA rockabilly line perfectly. NB! You need the SLink HIGH feet to fit these shoes.


All in the Faster Pussycat Mainstore now!


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