Fashion for mesh avatars

Wowmeh poster 2a1

Faster Pussycat releases a small swimwear collection for the WowMeh mesh avatar. And keep an eye out because this is just the start of our mesh avatar appliers collection – much much more to come soon.

Wowmehposter 4a1

The WowMeh is a headless fitmesh body that can be worn with your own shape and it can be modified with Second Life Classic Shape sliders so you can customize the shape to what you most prefer – be it a slim leggy fashion model or a curvier sexy glamourgirl. And – you can wear it with your SLink hands and feet! The avatar comes with a lot of options and you can read all about the WowMeh here.

Wowmehposter 3a1

The clothes designed for the WowMeh come as appliers that is added with much the same principle as appliers for mesh breasts and butts. These Faster Pussycat swimsuits are all original handmade designs – and they also come in a clothes layer version for regular Second Life avatars – just check the vendors to make sure you buy the version you want. In the Faster Pussycat Mainstore now.  

wowmeah 1a1a


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