NEW Swimsuits: “CANNES”

Faster Pussycat’s new range of swimsuits are named CANNES – it’s a super feminine and slightly retro collection inspired by the glamorous movie stars that visit Cannes every year for the international film festival.

Video by: Coeur Auer

Cannes swimsuit poster 3

FP CANNES is a halterneck swimsuit with a deep plunging neckline and bare back. There’s lots of different colours to choose from to make sure you find something that fits your personal style. CANNES comes in both a colour block collection with bright vibrant contrasts and in a series of dusty pastel shades with decadent gold print on the top.

Cannes swimsuit poster 2

FP CANNES are mesh rigged outfits that requires mesh-enabled viewer.

Cannes swimsuit poster 1

All suits are copy, no transfer, no modify. Please try the FREE demo prior to any purchase. The colour block suits have with 2 different versions included: regular and risque with a slightly see through top.


Cannes poster for blog

The Cannes is so stylish you could almost go shopping in it or even dining – just add high heels, a big hat, big sunglasses and an even bigger personality. You can find 3 of the 4 plus the CANNES swimsuit collection on the ground floor of the casual department of Faster Pussycat’s mainstore now.

Cannes complete




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