NEW Swimsuits: RIO

Faster Pussycat’s new swimsuit RIO is a collection of one-piece mesh swimsuits designed in beautifully rouched textures. It that comes in 6 duo colours and 6 trendy monochromes. It is cut high on the hip and straight across the bust in that no-nonsense maillot style preferred by professional swimmers and is so nicely cinched in at the waist it almost looks like it has a built in corset.

Video: Coeur Auer

Rio complete sans black

RIO Duo comes in 6 trendy colour combos and has the pattern of a crashing wave across the middle that enhances your curves. Here below in moss/lime.

Rio Poster Duo


FP RIO below in another awsome colour combination navy/petrol.

Rio swimsuit poster


And here’s RIO in berries/red

Rio duo swimsuit poster  2

RIO mono colours – here in black – really emphasizes your shape. In addition to black it comes in 6 trendy bright colours like fuchia, lime, blue, tangerine, purple and yellow.

Rio Poster BLACK

All in the Faster Pussycat mainstore now.



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