Baroque outfits at G E N R E

Baroque 4r logo

Let them eat cake! G E N R E – is a monthly event and this months theme is baroque – everything priced at 100L or below.
Faster Pussycat has 2 outfits there – Barock’n’roller and Barock’n’roll courtesan – grab the chance to pick it up now while the price is 100L starting today – once the month is over the outfits will be available in our mainstore at full price.

Imagine all the naughty parties that goes on at a king and queens court right? The Barock’n’roller Courtesan has disguised herself as a courtier – wearing the courtesan corset with pants and a short jacket – and of course the mask.

Baroque 3r logo

The Barocque’n’roll  Courtesan is a wicked little thing – she has a rigged mesh corset, mesh mask, skirt and jewelled pasties – all resizeable – perfect for the naughty girls in court.

The makeups and shoes you see on the vendor photos are among the goodies you can pick up from other designers also at G E N R E this month.

At the affordable price of a 100 per outfit you can afford both and still have money to spend on a lot of the other desireable designs on sale there in the beautiful formal garden – from some of the best design houses in SL. So faster pussycats run run – hurry over to G E N R E – and pick it up now!



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