Comming at Erotigacha

Here’s a quick sneak preview at Faster Pussycat’s items for this summer’s Erotigacha 2 at Hard Alley that opens on August 1st.

The Bettie is a series of cute pinup style mesh swimsuits with hand painted hawaian prints – 7 glorious suits – 5 commons and 2 rares. Collect them all – and they are trans so you can trade with your friends!

Erotigacha swimA

The Bunny is a cute ballet tutu with matching leotard in sparkly sequin texture – 2 commons and one rare – the rare leotard has golden and red embroidery on the bodice. All outfits comes with appliers for Lola mesh breasts and WOWMEH mesh body. This gacha also have  a series of cute headbands 4 commons and 1 rare.

Erotigacha tutuAr

All will be available at the Erotigacha 2 in Hard Alley when it opens on August 1st. Happy Gacha!

Erotigacha 2 Sinful Summer Participants


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