Barocco Couture Collection

Barocco Collection1a

Faster Pussycat’s lauching the brand new fall line BAROCCO at the Sirens’s 24 Squared event. The collection is opulent, exclusive and slightly boho with a vintage flair, inspired by historical pieces and art and designed with top quality textures and materials enabled.


Barocco dress GIA

FP GIA (above) comes in 4 different colour combos and complete with mesh leggings for SLink High feet.

Faster Pussycat Barocco line 2

The FP ICON dress is imspired by medival icons and comes in 4 different velvet textures and are adored with beads and decorative ribbons. Wear it on it’s own or over your favourite layered jeans or tights.

Faster Pussycat Barocco line 1

The FP CRUZ (above left) is a sexy strapless coctail dress that comes in 2 different colour combos – midnight blue/gold and red/black. (Above right)  FP ALMA is designed in a classic sixties silhuette, strapless and with a slightly voluminous skirt and with a resizeable golden decor on top of the bodice – comes in red and golden brocade.And last but not least are the retro style coctaildresses “Why so serious” and “Rainy Day” – perfect for the fall when you want to be slightly more covered up yet stylish. All available at the 24 Squared – now.

Rainy day dressWhy so serious dress




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