Bohemian chic for October

Fall 8a

We – the Faster Pussycat team – are thrilled to bring you lots of news this month. Check out our entire store for plenty of October goodies – like the cool “RIVER Tunic Dress” – a a rigged mesh bohemian dress you can wear alone or over tights or your fave pairs of jeans. In the top pic it’s worn with lovely crusifix-jewellery “Cruce” from Kunglers.

Fall 10a


“RIVER” comes in black and white, perfect for October be it cozy nights indoors or out shopping for Halloween goodies. The bottom pic has the “Consecration” jewellery set from Chop Zuey and the crown and veil is “Madone Veil” designed by Cherry Manga for the Art in Hats-event. (older). The FP RIVER dress is available at Faster Pussycat Mainstore – now!


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