Artemis of the Wildland


Artemis Gown 1

Step out into a winter fairytale in Faster Pussycat’s newest release: FP ARTEMIS. This dreamy gown is fit for a goddess of the wilderness as well as the modern party queen who just wants to add that touch of romantic glamour to her already glitzy wardrobe. And it is the season for going a bit over the top on the styling – so adding a high feather crown feels right – after all, a girl can’t have too many crowns, hats or tiaras.

Artemis complete

According to anchient myths Artemis was the Mistress of the animals and what better way to portray her than in this romantic 2-piece gown which comes in 2 pastel shades: icy blue and pink and in black – all with rich gold embroidery, a long full skirt and halter top with bare back and a deep plunging neckline – plus matching feather crown. ARTEMIS is available exclusively at our satellite store at the LYBRA mall.


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