Safari inspiration


This year’s Jewellery & Accessory Expo which opens today has Safari as a theme and Faster Pussycat brings you some hot new accessory items that will be launched exclusively at the fair:

The Bird of Prey necklaces – a small collection of chunky neck art-pieces – in 4 different colour themes: black/grey – laquer red/yellow – sorbet pink/tangerine and green/blue. The neck pieces have a resize script so you can go as big as you want.

Bird of Prey Poster 1

FP Huntress (below) is a high heel collection designed to give you that leggy runway model look – the shoes come in 7 different colour combos and are designed to be worn with SLink HIGH feet.

Huntress complete

FP WILD SAFARI Boots (below) are a collection of suede ankle boots perfect for wearing with a pair of shorts or leggings of choice – the boots come in 7 different funky colour combos and are sure to give your styling a modern edgy finish.

Wild Safari complete

All accessories are available at the J&A Expo that opens today.

To compliment our exotic accessories Faster Pussycat launches a mini safari-inspired collection: the FP SAVANNAH mesh dresses (below) come complete with layered catsuits and cuffs. Choose between 3 duo-coloured and 2 bold prints – all can mix and match for maximum wear.

Savannah 3

The NAMIB Dress (below) is a two-piece mesh outfit – comes in 2 different styles with bold prints and avant garde silhuettes. The NAMIB pieces can be mixed and matched with any item in your wardrobe for that individual look which is a must for any self-respecting fashionista. SAVANNAH and NAMIB are both available at Faster Pussycat’s mainstore now.



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