Xmas Fashion Riot

Viva 5

It’s the night before the night before the night – and all our little kittycat seamstresses and stylists fabuleuse tiptoes in on silky paws and presents you with our spanking new Xmas collection: Faster Pussycat’s “Children of the Revolution”.

Viva full lineup

Those of you familiar with my design vision knows that I have always been a firm believer that fashion is more than pretty clothes – that at it’s best it can change the way we think. It can change history. And FP’s Children Of The Revolution is a fun, sparkly and rebellious collection created as a tribute to that sentiment. Because – who doesn’t want a little fashion riot for Xmas?

FP Footsie tights fatpack

There are the FP FOOTSIE leggings – to be worn with SLink HIGH feet. And the FP REBEL platform court shoes – for SLink MEDIUM feet.

FP Rebel shoe fatpack

The collection is inspired by rebels of any riot you could care to mention, perhaps the French Revolution in particular – but with a lot of British symbols as well. There’s gowns, corsetry, tops, masks, hats, gloves and accessories for you to play around with.(at the top of the page you see The Queen gown and below The Rebel Gowns)

Viva 1

We at Faster Pussycat always strive to design collections with the outmost love and affection for fun and flair. And now we’re making sure that you – who dare to be different –  can stand out this Xmas – and not blend in like everybody else. What better time for statement dressing and a fashion revolt? Just crank up that old T.Rex classic record and be a style revolutionary and dress yourself for the battle now – with these stylish outfits available at Faster Pussycat mainstore. (upper floor)

Merry X-mas – and happy shopping!

– HoneyB & the Faster Pussycat Team


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