Let’s celebrate!

Genre MORTY GownsR

Celebration is this month’s theme at GENRE – and Faster Pussycat releases the MORTY Mesh gown in 2 delicious and fashion forward shades: charcoal and powder pink.

The dresses both come with a special edition matching necklace – a steal at a 100 L each for as long as the event lasts. After they will come home to the FP mainstore and be sold at full price.

Morty complete

As no party is complete without cupcakes – Faster Pussycat serves you up two trays full of yummy cakes, that promise to never make you fat – as we have placed them on a hairband – well away from your mouth! But others will look at you with a greedy eye when you saunter into a party with this sugary delight on your head.They come in black or pink to match the gowns – and again – a steal at 100L. So TP to GENRE and treat yourself while you can!

Celebration hat both



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