Men of Style

Men’s Wear Fashion week 2015 is over us and the sim is now open! Velvet Elvis is launching a whole new collection for spring and summer: FASHION SAVIOR. The collection combines our trandemark high fashion sensebility with a dash of rock’n’roll and comes in 3 parts: “VE Saints – Kings & Demigods” – “VE BALI”  & “VE CLASSICS”.

Machinima: Coeur Auer

“VE Saints – Kings & Demigods” is the spring line of furs, leathers and denims. There’s tops and jeans with rich gilded prints and embroidery inspired by anchient symbols from the viking age.

FP Velvet Elvis Spring 2015

“VE BALI” is a laid back leisure line for summer. All mesh wear inspired by South East Asian traditional batik and prints, embroidered velvets – funky jodhpurs and hooded T-shirts, tanks, ethnic jewellery and sexy swimwear -all in vibrant contrasting colours.

Bali 1rMWFW2015logo

“VE Classics” is an exclusive collection of clean minimalist design pieces in neutral mono colours. It’s the MUST HAVE line for the man who doesn’t want to shout too loud but prefers to style himself  with a certain fashion savvy and continental flair. The line has casual turtleneck sweaters and matching shorts – perfect for both surfing and aftersurf beachparties. All at our store at  MWFW 2015 now.



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