Faster Pussycat Spooky October Photo Contest!

Spooky banner
The Faster Pussycat mainstore sim has been decorated for Halloween, complete with a spooky house, spooky beach and spooky gardens, and a small spooky stage. And we would like you to put on your best FP attire and to invite you to shoot your photos in our sim and add them to our flickr contest pool.
The Faster Pussycat mainstore sim has many picturesque spots that are perfect as backdrops for beautiful fashion photography and many of the spots have poses already built in them that you are welcome to use. The spooky house also have pose props inside – so just explore and you will find.
There will be only one winner, and he/she will be announced on November 1st. The prize is 5000L for best most artistic photograph following these rules:


You must take your photo on the Faster Pussycat sim using any of the Halloween sets available as backdrop.

You must wear one or more items from Faster Pussycat, Velvet Elvis or B E N D E R in the photo.

3. No-nos:
The photographs must not contain material that violates or infringes another’s intellectual property rights, or copyright infringement – and no brand names or trademarks other than those of the Second Life universe. Absolutely no bigotry, racism, hatred or harm against any group or individual or promotes discrimination based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age will be allowed. No nudity or pornographic material will be accepted – and please no child avatars.

High rez artistic photographs only please. You may edit your photos in photoshop and you have full artistic freedom to create your own personal form of fashion art – all we ask is that you wear Faster Pussycat, Velvet Elvis or B E N D E R clothes, and that the photos are taken on the Faster Pussycat mainstore sim. Use your creativity and show us what you got!

Post your photos to the Faster Pussycat Spooky October Contest Flickr Group.

Deadline for all photos OCTOBER 31st, 2015 – at midnight SLT
Photos will be judged for creativity, beauty and styling by an esteemed panel of judges including:

Seashell Dench, SL top model and owner of Scala Models
Wicca Merlin – SL top model, awarded fashion designer for Wicca’s Wardrobe, photographer and blogger
Linda Reddevil – SL top model, photographer and blogger
Honey Bender – SL mop model and B E N D E R – Faster Pussycat and Velvet Elvis designer
Coeur Auer – BENDER Original mesh designer

Jury’s desicion is final. The Winner will be announced here and in our contest group on Monday November 2nd

Have fun and be creative!


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