Spooky October Photo Contest Winner: Voodoo Bravehart

Dulce Muerta 07

Faster Pussycat proudly present the winner of our Spooky October Photo Contest: Voodoo Braveheart’s “Dulce Muerta”

Mr. Braveheart runs his own photo studio Sweet Voodoo Daddy in-world and focuses on shooting glamourous photos with a fashion and/or erotic theme. For FP Spooky October he chose to collaborate with model and stylist Sonji Prevost in a series of seductively dark photos featuring among other creations an elegant combination of Faster Pussycat’s designs. The winning photos were judged on creativity, beauty and styling/combinations and overall artistic qualities by a jury concisting of Coeur Auer (mesh designer of B E N D E R), Linda Reddevil (top model/stylist/photographer), Wicca Merlin (top model/stylist/blogger/artist/photographer) and stepping in for Seashell Dench: PoosyKat LittleBoots (designer of Faster Pussycat and Velvet Elvis). The jury’s verdic was as such: Prevost’s creative styling and classic pose combined with Voodoo Braveheart’s use of light and shadows and restictive use of colours gives the winning photo a gothic edge that is both intrigueing and interesting as well as in the tradition of classic beauty photography.  “Dulce Muerta” is done as a series of photographs and they could easily be seen as stills from a movie or part of a gothic fashion spread.

Together with Honey Bender-Auer we would like to thank all of you who who entered Spooky October – so many beautiful entries the judges had a hard time picking just one winner.

We hope you all enjoyed your time shooting and styling – photography is of course a labour of love. And most of all: congratulate Voodoo Braveheart and beautiful muse Sonji, and hope we will see much more of your beautiful artwork in the future.

On behalf of the Faster Pussycat-team

Honey Bender-Auer, designer


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