Late Summer BohoChic


BohoChic by Faster Pussycat a

Outfit | Paparazzi Pants and Bluse Set by Faster Pussycat

Jewellery | Gipsy by Meva

BohoChic by Faster Pussycat 3

Pants | Paparazzi by Faster Pussycat

Jacket | Stella Fake Fur by Faster Pussycat

Shades | Oversozed Sunglasses by Izzie’s

Necklace | Summer Of Love by Maxi Gossamer

The Paparazzi Pantsuit comes in 5 different colour prints, and there’s matching hair and wedge heel platform sandals. Come on down and try a demo and indulge – treat yourself to this luxurious bohemian style outfit. At Faster Pussycat’s summer shop now!

Paparazzi hair all colours

Paparazzi pantsuit all colours

Paparazzi heels all colours


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